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Our fundamental belief is that leading is not just attributed to a title…we are focussed on finding the leader within… in everyone and everything.

We believe that at the heart of every leading organisation and innovation are people. People with passion and courage; the challengers, progressers, early adopters and drivers of change. Real, gritty, innovative leaders who are not afraid to charter new territory, to stand out from the crowd, to take risks for the sake of the bigger vision; for the sake of really making a difference where it counts.

We are people change specialists. We work with cutting edge and pioneering organisations and people who want to challenge the status quo and be ahead of the game.

Whether it is on an individual or organisational scale, we are passionate about igniting,  leading and transforming people through change. Sustainable change.

Equipping the leaders of today to be the leaders of tomorrow

Digitization has created new demand for leaders to move at an unprecedented speed and pace of change, facing the unknown with more uncertainty than they have ever had to face before.

Today we need a different type of leader, the 21st Century leader. The leader who is able to see beyond the norms, noise and distractions to get right to the heart of the need, the drive, the motivation. The egoless leader who will challenge the status quo and overcome their own fears, barriers and restrictions for the sake of the bigger purpose. A systemic leader who catalyses the capacity of teams and groups to move beyond the personal to a powerfully generative group identity.

At Global Warriors this is exactly what we set out to do. Our team and leadership development programmes, workshops and trainings are all tailored to equip the leaders of today to be the leaders of tomorrow.


Our integrated coactive and systems approach

At Global Warriors we are champions of learning by doing and combine a coactive and systems approach in what we do. This means that we enable real, sustainable change that goes beyond the surface behaviours and gets right to the heart of things, the core intrinsic drivers – values and beliefs.

It also means that we look at everything we do from a global and holistic perspective. This takes us beyond relating in business through Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Social Intelligence (SQ) and into the cutting edge domain of Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI).

Relationship systems intelligence is a muscle we can all build.  It enables us to navigate among groups and relationships to have impact and influence, taking actions and decisions that meet the integrated needs of what is emerging and wanted for a team or organisation as a collective rather than as a collection of individuals. It is from here that we can open up the full range of opportunities and potential and unlock untapped creativity and innovation.

Our integrated coactive and systems approach is our key differentiator and it is this that is fundamental in enabling the powerful transformational work that we do.

Our Philosophy

Our world is dynamic, in a continual state of flux and so we are facing change all of the time.

Change is full of possibility and opportunity for those who learn to ride the wave effectively. How it is navigated is the key to success.

Often, the main focus of change is placed on getting the right supporting infrastructures in place, systems, processes, plans and procedures. The tangible aspect. Yet it is the less tangible aspect, the “people” aspect, that can ultimately make – or break – the transformation process.

At Global Warriors we partner with you in building a holistic approach and strategies to change that aligns all systems… the tangible “physical” systems, and the intangible “people” systems. This is where we thrive, enabling people, teams and organisations to get over the edge of change and leverage difference and diversity to drive and inform the new vision.

Our Services

Changing the world,
one leader at a time

Conscious Leaders lead intentionally …from the inside out …with heart and humanity …and for the sake of the bigger purpose

We know that as humans we are at our most powerful when we are able to be our best self, with confidence, without fear, being fully present and awake, being happy.  This has the most positive ripple effect to our family and friends, our community, our organisations and our governments.

The essence of the Conscious Leader programme enables leaders of today to become our leaders of tomorrow. It equips leaders to be able to powerfully navigate and leverage the current environment of change, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, whilst enabling them to be the best they can be.

Conscious Leader has been developed over the last 4 years through an experiential programme based on a deep foundation of experience in leadership programmes. Just like ourselves, we continually evolve the programme to keep it at the leading edge. The Conscious Leader programme aims to push new limits to create a sustainable impact – coaching leaders to create the future, not just of an organisation but the world – with heart.

The Conscious Leader movement is now 300+ strong with all leaders being led through a combination of in-person workshops, virtual sessions and one-to-one coaching – all co-created and designed to fit the needs of the particular organisation.   The Conscious Leader movement is a vibrant, energetic community that independently shares experiences, learning and support with each other.

Conscious Teams is a team development programme focusing at the level of the team entity or dynamic that is created by the individuals rather than just the individuals themselves. It facilitates teams to work through the dynamics, relationships and their impact to enable them to create the culture, processes and environment needed for excellence and success.

Conscious Teams is a development process as opposed to training and as such, the primary delivery route is through face to face experiential workshops. Virtual sessions can form part of the process but these are more supplementary elements to maintain connection and momentum.

Our workshops are co-facilitated to allow us to go deeper into the heart and dynamics of the team whilst also holding the wider systemic lens. This enables us to create a psychologically safe environment to support teams in crossing out of their comfort zones for the sake of their growth and development.

What is it?
The Conscious Human Being Programme is a 16 week online interactive programme designed to help you become more aware of yourself, your thinking patterns, your behavioural habits and the way you interact with others. Created by Global Warriors and 4D Human Being, Conscious Human Being explores personal drivers such as strengths, energy, impact, values, purpose and co-creation and looks at how to turn conflict into collaboration and creativity. Whether at work at home, or at play – The Conscious Human Being Programme will help you consciously create the impact you choose – everyday.

Who is the programme for?
Everyone and anyone interested in self-development.
Today’s working and living environment is faster and vaster than it has ever been before. Many of the traditional skills and competencies that have gotten us here are no longer enabling us to scale to the immense demands we are now facing on our time and resources.

Just as we update our computer software, as human beings we need to evolve a new operating system to enable us to navigate the complexity and ambiguity and chaos of the modern world.

We live and work in a global digital society where collaborating with communities and teams virtually is the norm, hardly ever meeting face to face. How do we create fulfilling relationships with each other, avoiding conflict, harnessing productivity and positive emotions.

How does the programme work?
Conscious Human Being offers insightful theories and practical tools to help make different choices around the story we tell about ourselves and how we show up in the world.

How does Conscious Human Being align to the other Conscious development programmes?
Our family of Conscious development programmes are part of a movement towards the next evolution of organisational structure and consciousness. Whether its Conscious Teams, Conscious Leadership, Conscious Communications, Conscious Theatre or Conscious Human Being, they are all part of an integrated and independent programme designed to meet your needs whatever place you or your team are in a cultural transformation journey.

How do I sign up?
Conscious Human Being is ideal for those Conscious Leaders curious about how to introduce their team or organisation to the Conscious family. Through this more accessible interactive programme – especially if you have a virtual team or limited travel budget – the principles of Conscious Leadership are integrated throughout. To make an enquiry about what would best suit you, your team or organisation please contact Biba Binotti.


Team and Systems Coaching

Just as high performing sportsmen and women have coaches to support and evolve their game, so too do high performing leaders and teams. At Global Warriors we absolutely believe that coaching is about maximising performance. In fact we would go one stage further and say coaching is about evoking transformation.

Team and systems coaching increases positivity through working from possibilities and practical application. Using a cutting edge Relationship Systems Intelligence approach™, we powerfully leverage the creative and problem-solving capacity of a team or organisation as a whole.

Some of the other benefits of relationship systems coaching for teams and organisations include:

  • Sustainable improvements to relationships and communication on a system-wide basis.
  • The development of a powerful sense of team spirit, which enhances organisational climate, productivity and retention.
  • Improved inter-departmental cooperation through the reduction of “silos”.
  • The development of constructive conflict skills, leading to more rapid resolution and productive outcomes.
  • Increased positivity within the work environment, which supports sustainable productivity.
  • The capacity to increase the creative potential and innovation of the organisation or team.

(Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI) is a trademark of CRR global – Global Warriors Ltd are authorised license holders of RSI@Work)


Our People



  • “It’s a whole life changing development program which truly does encourage you to look at yourself in a whole new way. I never thought it would have such an effect on so much”

    Business Leader, Cisco

  • “Conscious Leader is the only course that I have ever done where it is useful to me everyday whether at work or at home.  Nothing else has come close to the impact that this has had on me.  I’m happier, take more responsibility for how I am and the impact I have on others.  I see endless opportunity instead of walls blocking my way.”

    Sales Leader, Scotland,Cisco Systems

  • “It is about being confident with yourself.  It gives you permission to be authentic and not how people expect you to be in Cisco.  I can see the climate has definitely changed with the leaders in Cisco, being more willing to speak out and try new things. Not being afraid to stand out, or make mistakes.”

    Engineering Leader, France, Cisco Systems

  • “You cannot call Conscious Leader a “training program” – its so much more that giving you skills (it does this too), what Conscious Leader does is help you become more skillful in life.”

    Business Development, Switzerland, Cisco Systems

  • “It has created a more positive and confident outlook in my approach to work and coaching and developing others.”

    Sales Leader, UK, Cisco Systems

  • “Another powerful weapon in the leaders’ armoury.”

    Sales Leader, UK, Cisco

  • “As a leader, this will enable me to deal with team conflicts, as well as wider company issues that I am drawn into.”

    Business Development, Germany.

  • “With a better understanding of systems and tools to use to get the best from them, I will be more effective as a leader.”

    Engineering Leader, UK, Cisco

  • “This has made a huge impact, giving me a lot to think about managing my team differently.  I now have a range of tools, but also a group of fellow leaders around me to help apply it.”

    HR Leader, UK, Cisco

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