A Coach since 2007, Lola is passionate about making the transformational power of coaching accessible to all areas of society, from the boardroom to the streets.   This passion has led Lola to work with a wide range of clients; from established and aspiring entrepreneurs, to new and experienced leaders, as well as young people in and about to leave prison.

Before coaching, Lola had a successful career as a top Contract Recruitment Consultant for one of the UK’s leading IT Recruitment companies.  Lola’s combination of commercial grounding and the desire to make coaching available to all, led her to pioneer coaching in prisons.  Through her role as Director of Coaching at ‘Spark Inside’, Lola and her team of 20 coaches have successfully brought transformational coaching workshops, systems and life coaching to 10 prisons and Young Offender Institutes in London and the South East.

Lola has a relentless belief in the potential of all people: that regardless of their current circumstances, everyone can thrive if they know how. After all, ‘thriving leaders are the best leaders.’

Lola is also Mum to a fabulous son and in her spare time can be found Cuban salsa dancing.