Jacqueline has had a corporate career in Human Resources for over 20 years. In recent years and driven by a passion to share her experience, understanding and skills as a coach with others, she now works as a Leadership Coach.

Jacqueline has always been passionately curious about understanding what motivates and inspires people. Her unique qualities as a Coach encourage and enable her clients to explore and fully understand what is really important to them. Jacqueline’s enthusiastic style of coaching, her infectious energy, and her gentle, coactive encouragement has helped her clients to truly believe that anything and everything they choose to achieve is possible.

The mother of two children, Jacqueline has developed her life successfully balancing work, motherhood, and her own continuing personal development. Jacqueline is trained as a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC), Organisation & Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC), an NLP Master Practitioner, and Counselling.

Jacqueline says:
“We are our future and if equipped with and empowered by what we have to offer, the difference it makes to our lives can only have a positive effect on shaping our World.”