Moyra is a leadership coach, specialising in systems work, developing individuals and teams in a diverse range of organisations in the Corporate and Charity Sectors. Prior to setting up her own business, Moyra had leadership roles in top 10 UK Charities, including Cancer Research and Save the Children.

Moyra is an absolute believer in people’s capacity and ability to stretch beyond their current expectations. She has a track record in seeing potential in people and organisations, sharing this knowledge for their deep development. One of her values is to ‘walk her talk’, which means you will find her involved in her own development in order to further the development of others.

Knowing that peoples abilities are not based on privilege, or the lack of it, Moyra Founded ‘We Dare to Care’, a movement which supports pro bono coaching and leadership for people who cannot normally access these services.

She loves art, architecture, her family and pushing herself to lift as heavy weights as possible in the gym!