Conscious Leaders

From managers to leaders; from leaders to warriors

What is it?

The Conscious Leaders programme and ethos lies at the heart of everything that we at Global Warriors do. Based on principles of self-reflection, experiential learning, and real-world action, it is designed to transform the leaders of today into the warriors of tomorrow.

Traditional ‘leadership development’ programmes have reached the limit of their effectiveness for two main reasons:

1. They are focused on what has helped leaders to be effective in the past, failing to acknowledge that what was cutting-edge 10 years ago may no longer be relevant to the world of today

2. They try to squeeze individuals into a narrow template of what a leader should be, rather than allowing their natural leadership qualities to emerge from within.

Why is this important? Because the world we want for the future relies on the emergence of real, connected and courageous leaders unafraid to think differently and challenge the status quo.

Conscious Leaders is a continually-evolving combination of in-person workshops, one-to-one coaching sessions, and virtual learning, which takes participants on an intensive journey of personal development. In taking them to the edge of what they think they know and can manage, we help them to push beyond their assumed limitations and step into their full potential.

Who is it for?

Conscious Leaders is aimed at the high-potential leaders, senior leaders and key influencers who you want to lead and transform your organisation into the next phase of its development. It is for the people you want to be the innovators, disruptors, and thought leaders of the future. Conscious Leader is for those who need to challenge groupthink and break new ground; it is for the people who need to predict what is coming and what is wanting to happen, rather than just react to what is happening now or what has long since passed.

Most importantly, Conscious Leaders is for the people whom you believe can guide your organisation – and our world – in a time of tremendous complexity and volatility. We aim to coach leaders who are able to navigate through uncertainty with courage, openness, and heart.

Since it was developed in 2012, over 600 people have graduated from Conscious Leaders, creating a burgeoning movement that we believe has the potential to change the world.

How do I know if Conscious Leaders is right for me?

 We’ve put together some of the most often asked questions on the right.  Just click on the ‘+’ to see the answers.

Do you need to be managing a team or have direct reports in order to participate in Conscious Leaders?

No. An important ethos of Conscious Leaders is that leadership is defined by what you do and how you are, rather than your job title or place in a hierarchy. On that basis it is open to anyone who is a key influencer, change agent or igniter, regardless of whether you manage a team of hundreds or are an individual contributor.

What grade is Conscious Leader aimed at?

A majority of our Conscious Leader graduates happen to be mid-level to senior managers. However, this has more to do with the people that most companies are willing to invest in than anything else. However, the Conscious Leader programme itself transcends grades and levels, and is more about attitude and mindset. If you are open trying stuff out, stretching yourself, and pushing boundaries, then Conscious Leader will be perfect for you.

 We’ve had equally amazing results with early in career groups as with top tier senior leadership teams, and with people from outside the corporate sector and business worlds entirely.

How long is the programme?

Development comes in all shapes, sizes and timeframes. So whilst we believe any development can have an impact, we do know that deeper sustainable change requires investment and time. Typically our Conscious Leader programmes are over a 6-month period with a mixture of face-to-face sessions, virtual sessions, coaching, guided homework, and resources to enable participants to test out and integrate their learnings.

Is there a shortened version?

We always work alongside our clients to tailor bespoke programmes that meet their specific requirements. And, we firmly believe that the quality of the investment you put in is commensurate to the results you get out. Also, to be able to describe a programme as ‘Conscious Leader’ there are certain foundational elements that need to be in place. Programmes that fall outside of these criteria will be managed accordingly to anticipated outcomes and expectations.

Does it need to be called ‘Conscious Leader’?

No! This is the name that we use to describe the style and approach of the work we do, but its more important that the name fits the culture and meaning within the team or organisation that it is being applied within. We can change it up if you think that would be helpful.


The next evolutionary leap of leadership

Take a look at Our Philosophy and you’ll see that our firm belief is that a new model of leadership is needed to take the world into the next phase of its evolution – that the time has come to make the leap from leadership to warriorship. Our aim is to be the pioneers of this work, and we are currently in the process of designing programmes to awaken the warrior within. Read our blog for more on our take on warriorship and its role in the world. And keep an eye on these pages for news about our first warriorship programmes!

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